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5 Great Video Players For Your PC

Watching videos on your computer is nothing new. People have been doing it for years. But, until a few years ago, your options for viewing those videos were limited to only a few video players. Since then, the selection of reliable video players has expanded. There are now dozens of players that each offer unique sets of features. Many of them can be downloaded for free online and allow you to play videos in a variety of formats. Below, we’ll provide a quick overview of 5 of the most popular video players for your PC.

#1 – WinDVD

WinDVD is a robust video playback application that is capable of playing Blue-ray discs and traditional DVDs (including HD DVDs). You can also watch home movies that have been recorded on the latest multimedia devices. It supports videos and movies in formats such as RealPlayer, AVI, QuickTime and Windows Media. It’s not free, but at under $100, WinDVD is one of the best-regarded and flexible video players on the market.

#2 – VLC Media Player

By contrast to WinDVD, the VLC Media Player is an open source video streaming application. It’s free and can be downloaded from The player supports many formats including MPEG-4, DivX, AVI and Flash and can be used on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

#3 – PowerDVD

Offered by Cyberlink, PowerDVD is a powerful video player that includes playback of high-definition Blue-ray Disc movies. It supports many popular formats such as AVCHD, H.264 and AVI while providing a host of tools and utilities that offers an interactive experience. You can remix movies, give ratings to videos you’ve watched and check how your movie selections rate with other PowerDVD users. There are several versions of this player available ranging in price from $29.95 to $99.95.

#4 – Windows Media Player

The Windows Media Player by Microsoft is one of the oldest and most widely-distributed video players available. In many ways, the latest version is similar to Apple’s iTunes interface. That is, it offers a streamlined library from which you can access your videos as well as audio files, recorded TV shows, etc. It’s available free from Microsoft’s website.

#5 – iTunes

Any discussion of video players for your computer would be incomplete without a mention of Apple’s iTunes. Arguably one of the most popular video players today, iTunes provides a generous level of functionality with a smooth and graceful interface. It can be used not only to watch videos, TV shows and movies but to organize your audio, video and image files. The most recent version of iTunes supports a variety of formats including the common MPEG-4 format and can be downloaded from for free.

Watching Videos On Your Computer

Computers have become an integral piece of our daily lives. While watching a video used to mean loading a DVD (or VHS tape) into a player and watching it on TV, people are more likely to use their computers to watch movies, video clips and even their favorite television shows. During the last 10 years, dozens of video players have been created to offer people an easy way to do that. Though there are many capable players available, the 5 mentioned above are among the most reliable and well-regarded. If you’re not currently using a video player on your PC, take a few minutes to explore those mentioned above. Any of them is likely to suit your needs perfectly.

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