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How To Watch Network TV Shows Online

Our lives are getting busier each year. We have less time to do the things we want. Unfortunately, that often means not being able to watch our favorite network television shows as they’re broadcast. In the past, that meant taking the time to record the shows (if you remembered to program the recorder) and catching up when you could find the time. Today, things have changed dramatically. You can watch most of your favorite TV shows online.

Major TV networks such as NBC, ABC and FOX provide platforms from which you can view your shows online on your schedule. They’ve realized that a growing portion of their audience feels just as (if not more) comfortable sitting in front of a computer screen as sitting on a couch watching a TV. As a result, they’ve begun to distribute their content on their websites. In this article, we’ll explain how you can enjoy your favorite TV shows from the major networks on your computer.


NBC provides most of its content from their website at Popular shows such as “The Office,” “30 Rock” and “Scrubs” can be streamed directly to your computer. Most of their Primetime shows become available for streaming on their website the same day they’re broadcast on TV. Late night programs are typically available the following day. While full episodes are currently only available in the U.S., it’s likely NBC will expand its international viewership soon.


CBS also provides most its popular series on their website. Unlike NBC, they only provide streaming of full episodes for a few of their shows. For example, while you can watch the latest few episodes of “Survivor,” “CSI” and “How I Met Your Mother,” other shows such as “Ghost Whisperer” and “Criminal Minds” are only available as short clips.


ABC has also been making the transition to streaming its content on its website. Currently, they don’t provide all of their shows online. But, they do allow streaming of recent full episodes of their most-watched series such as “Dancing With The Stars,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost.”


Fox offers one of the most expansive online inventories of online television shows of all the network stations. From the Fox Website, you can watch popular shows like “Bones,” “House” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” To do so, Fox requires that you download their video player. The player allows you to watch some of your favorite episodes without any stalling or buffering wait times.


The CW network offers a limited number of full episodes. Television shows like “Supernatural,” “Farmer Wants A Wife” and “Beauty And The Geek” are available for streaming. However, you’ll need to download the CW’s video player to view them. Full episodes are rotated out of circulation quickly. So, if you want to watch them on the CW website, make sure you don’t fall too far behind.

Enjoying The Archives

While the major TV networks haven’t archived all of their series in their online inventory, they do offer much of their content online. Some networks (like Fox) currently offer a larger inventory of full episodes than others (like the CW). That said, it’s likely that the networks will continue to deliver larger portions of their content on their websites. Within a couple of years, we may be watching all of our favorite TV shows online and wonder why we still own that clunky television.

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