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How to Watch TV on Your Mobile Device

Gone are the days of watching television on a set with some aluminum foil strapped to the rabbit ears. Now watching television does not even have to involve an actual television. In a technological advancement that is almost as dramatic as the replacement of the analog signal, cell phone companies are once again reinventing themselves. Not only are cell phones an instrument to make phone calls. Now they are also a device for consumers to use to watch television.

AT&T Wireless Introduces MediaFLO

In an effort to keep up with the competition, AT&T Wireless has just thrown its hat into the ring of cell phone television streaming. This Sunday marked the beginning of AT&T’s launch of its partnership with MediaFLO technology. MediaFLO allows AT&T customers to get ten channels of live television streamed directly onto their cell phones for $15 a month. MediaFLO is the brainchild of Qualcomm Inc. and allows users to actually watch live television instead of clips and videos. As it has just started up with MediaFLO, AT&T currently only offers two cell phones that are compatible with this technology. However, the company expects to have more phones available soon that will be MediaFLO enabled.

Verizon Wireless and V Cast

MediaFLO is not only used on AT&T Wireless phones. Verizon Wireless also takes advantage of the Qualcomm Inc. technology on a selection of their phones. Verizon Wireless customers are offered the same perks as AT&T customers at the same price. With both cell phone carriers, current shows, news, and weather can be watched in real time on the cell phone. Also, both offer broadband type speeds with the service, making it similar to watching television on the home computer. Currently, there are four phones that Verizon Wireless offers that are MediaFLO enabled. However, like AT&T, more devices are expected in the near future.

Sprint PCS Power Vision with MobiTV

Sprint has been credited as being the pioneer of this technological up-swing. Sprint not only offers more channels than its competitors, but it also offers a different kind of technology. While AT&T and Verizon partnered with MediaFLO, Sprint joined forces with MobiTV to bring television into the next millennium. Sprint customers can choose from packages of seven channels to twenty-eight channels, with prices ranging from $15 to $25. MobiTV offers a wide variety of viewing choices. All of the news options are there, as well as a vast amount of premium channels, such as Comedy Central and E!. The twenty-eight channels offer something for every type of viewer, and should be a great draw to the cellular company. Sprint also has the best variety of phones that are television enabled. Sprint has seventeen different television enabled phones that differ in price.

As technology grows, so does the place of the cellular company. Cell phones are not just for calling anymore. Cell phone companies have created a precedent for staying ahead of the times. They have proven that cell phones can have many uses and cell phone companies are an evolving business.

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One Response to “How to Watch TV on Your Mobile Device”
Steve - May 12th, 2008 at 3:45 pm

Great article. I have AT&T and didn’t think I could get tv on my phone. NOw I’m goign to have to go take a look. Sounds great.

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