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4 Ways to get a DVR

By Frank | September 5, 2008

Let’s face it, many of us keep a pretty busy schedule and don’t always have the time or inclination to catch our favorite shows when we want to watch them. Instead we increasingly turn to DVR services to record whatever we’d like to watch so that we can get back to them when we have time time. Listed below are 4 places that DVR services are available.

DISH Network:
DISH Network is a popular place for acquiring DVR solutions. Their DVR advantage plan runs at about $49.95 per month, and the newest iteration of their dvr hardware, the ViP722™ DVR, can store up to 350 hours of standard-definition programming. It also includes up to 55 hours of high-definition if you’re HD capable.

Rather than lumping in your DVR service with your television provider, you also have the option of going with Tivo. The upfront cost of their service runs a bit higher, with about $149.99 for the basic model, which stores 80 hours worth of standard programming. Their monthly service is fairly inexpensive, however, clocking in at $8.31 a month on the low-end.

Direct TV:
This satellite provider is looking to provide some muscle to the dvr sector as well and provides a number of hardware options depending on what you’ll need in terms of high definition and storage. In addition they give you a channel guide with a 3 and a half day advanced notice, so you’ll know exactly what’s going to be on and when. Their service runs about $5.99 per month, which is included for 4 months if you sign up for their “premier” package.

Comcast DVR: The cable juggernaut has some dvr services of it’s own. Their single tuner basic DVR package includes enough for about 40 hours of standard definition programming and 80 GB of storage. Unlike other dvr service their most basic hardware can also handle high definition tv, albeit at a much smaller clip of 10 hours worth. For my particular area, DVR service was $13.95 per month

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